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YouTube for Kids!

YouTube for Kids!

Still on the search for activities to keep your kids away from the internet? If you’re wary of your children surfing through YouTube videos without parental supervision, we found a few YouTube channels that you can definitely subscribe to when your child is due for some educational fun on the web. Check out our recommendations for safe and exciting YouTube videos for kids.

Houston Zoo

Does your little one love animals? Do they beg you to take them to the zoo every other week? You might have an aspiring zookeeper on your hands! The Houston Zoo’s channel is perfect for kids who are curious about what it’s like to work behind-the-scenes with some of nature’s greatest mammals and reptiles. Witness an excursion to the Sam Houston Race Park with a pair of cheetahs for enrichment that encourages the fastest land mammal to run at top speeds for exercise and conditioning. Watch a channel dedicated to the Asian elephants at the zoo with super cute videos of the youngest pair of elephants, Baylor and Tupelo, born in 2010 playing and spending time together just like best friends. The Houston Zoo’s YouTube videos are sure to surprise and excite child viewers and give them the chance to be in the point-of-view of a zookeeper.

Big Red Hat

Big Red Hat Productions is behind The Traveling Trio, a show that stars three siblings, twelve-year old Olivia,  and ten-year old twins, Ingram and Everett, as they travel to countries around the world to learn about different cultures and traditions and share their experiences with other children. The show was awarded an Emmy in 2012 and won the 2011 Parent’s Choice Silver Award for their quality children’s media.  The siblings have traveled to Poland, Hungary, the Czech Repulic, Croatia and even San Antonio, Texas to share the history, culture, and unique features of each region with other children. These educational videos for kids are a great way to open up a new world for your little one and spark curiosity about all the world’s cultures.

Arts for Kids Hub

If your little one is an aspiring artist, the Art for Kids Hub is the perfect channel to help them learn about artistic lines, sculpting, and coloring and the patience one needs to create the next refrigerator-worthy masterpiece. Created by a parent who enjoys spending as much time as possible with his little ones, this channel includes videos of the father teaching his sons how to draw. Your little one can draw along to the videos and learn to sketch Superman, dinosaurs, minions, and more! These YouTube videos will have kids watching, practicing, and learning all at once.

Do you have any go-to YouTube channels for your kids? Let us know what you think about our picks in the comments section.

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