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Get the Most Out of Camp Fairs

Get the Most Out of Camp Fairs

Between the late parts of the winter and the early budding spring, parents will begin their search for summer camps and activities for their children. An event for the whole family, camp fairs will provide much help during your search. Taking the search offline, you can talk with a real person, get the information you need to make a better decision regarding which camp is the best fit for your child.

The best thing about camp fairs is the information you will gain. Camp fairs are more than the tables with awesome take home goodies like free pens, candy, toys, and bracelets!  They are the information stronghold of camps. Whatever you would like to know, you can likely find it at a local camp fair. With so many camp fairs happening and coming up, you can meet with a lot of camp representatives before making a decision.

Speaking face to face with representatives of the camps will provide more information than the search engine could. Learn in detail what programs and activities the camps will provide your camper with during the summer. Inquire about the experience they may have, like if the camp is indoors or outdoors, sleep away or a day camp. Some tables have activities available and can give your child an idea of what they offer. Whether it’s a tech, science, dance, horseback riding, or other fun types of camp, kids will be able to see firsthand what the camp experience will be like.


To make the most of the camp fair, be prepared with these helpful tips.

Know what you want.

Before you go, you may already have in mind what you would like for your child. Maybe a day camp would be ideal. Or you may want them to have the experience of a sleep away camp. Whatever your desire, keep in mind that that’s what you are looking for. During the camp fair, there will be many of types of camps with representatives who really want to speak to you. By knowing before hand what you are looking for, you will save time and skip over those you are not interested in.

Discover what your child is passionate about.

There are many types of camps at the fairs and likely one that will spark with your child. There are tech camp, sports camps, specialty camps, art camps and so much more. Taking your child along to the fair can help them discover what they would love to do this summer. As they talk with camp representatives or try out some of the cool activities at the table, they will get a good idea of the types of camps they are interested in. Also, if they participate in or are interested in certain activities or subjects, there will likely be a camp or two there that they would like to attend.


Take your time.

There are a lot of camps at camp fairs. A LOT! So, take your time and visit each one. Even if you do not visit every single camp that is at the fair, there may be many there that catches you and/or your child’s eye. Allow enough time for a discussion on the programs that the particular camp has to offer.

Talk with vendors.

Businesses that are in attendance at camp fairs often have many resources for parents. From information necessary for summers at sleep away camps to great offers and deals. They have tons of offers and can be of great use when searching, choosing, and attending a summer camp or program. Some can even keep you informed beyond the summer, giving you updates on the programs and camps offered year round.

 Ask questions.

There are things that may appear obvious when you first visit the table of a vendor, but there are still many things that you will not know. Don’t be afraid to gain certainty by asking the necessary questions. That’s why camp fairs are great! The face to face interaction will help parents to discover as many facts about a camp, helping them to make a decision on the  camp their child will attend.

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