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Top 5 Things to Love About Rock Climbing for Kids

Top 5 Things to Love About Rock Climbing for Kids

If you’re looking for some after-school classes your kids will love or you’re looking for the perfect birthday party activity, consider indoor or outdoor rock climbing. We have quite a few rock climbing classes and birthday party opportunities on our marketplace. Check them out! And, if you’re still not sold on rock climbing for your kids, consider these five benefits:

1. It’s developmentally beneficial.


According to PlayCore, research suggests that climbing helps kids develop cognitively. It helps them work on their fine and gross motor skills, increases their body awareness, improves their memories, and gives them practice problem solving.

2. It builds self-confidence.


Kids often approach a rock wall with apprehension. They stare up at it, thinking they’ll never be able to climb to the top. As they work with instructors, they become more aware of what their bodies can actually do. They climb higher and higher with practice, and this can boost their self-confidence dramatically.

3. It increases focus.


Rock climbing requires intense focus. Kids have to think hard about their next move and how to successfully position their bodies as they climb up the wall. If they lose focus, they’re more likely to slip or get stuck. Improving the ability to focus intently on a task is beneficial for most kiddos, especially in a world of so many technological distractions.

4. It’s safer than many other sports.

A lot of people falsely assume that rock climbing is dangerous. It’s actually quite safe. Only experienced rock climbers work as instructors, and they tailor their instruction based on the age and skill level of kids. They know how to strap kids into equipment safely, and going over safety procedures is often a big part of classes for beginners. Plus, there’s no risk of bumping into another child, tripping, or getting hit by a ball while climbing the wall.  

5. It’s fun.   

Rock climbing gives kids an adrenaline rush. It’s a physically and mentally challenging activity. Kids often climb in groups and have fun encouraging each other. It’s hard to find a kid who doesn’t enjoy rock climbing, even if it makes them a little nervous at first.

Have your kids been rock climbing? What did they love about it? Let us know in the comments section! 

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