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DIY Toilet Paper Roll Craft: Spooky Halloween Creatures

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Craft: Spooky Halloween Creatures

The kids are antsy because they know what comes at the end of October, costumes and candy, but there are a whole lot of days between then and now. In the meantime, you can get kids in the Halloween spirit by sitting them down and making some spooky creatures to decorate or just play with. One of the best things about this toilet paper roll craft is that you probably already have all the supplies. 

Making these toilet paper roll creatures is a great way to get the kids ready for Halloween and flex their creative muscles!

What You’ll Need:


– toilet paper rolls

– markers

– craft paper/scrapbooking paper

– glue

– felt

– googly eyes

Step 1:


Fold the top of the toilet paper roll in on both side to create two points on either side, like ears.


Step 2:

Decorate. You can draw a belly and cut wings out of felt for an owl, cut out wings for a bat, or cut a felt tail for a cat. There are so many options for the fun creatures.

Tip: Cut the rolls to make little creatures. You can even glue string in a loop on the back and hang them around the house for a spoooooooky atmosphere.

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