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Some Reasons Kids Avoid Homework (And How You Can Help)

Some Reasons Kids Avoid Homework (And How You Can Help)

We have a bunch of educational activities and classes for kids on our marketplace. If your child’s struggling with the material at school, one of these could be a big help. We’d also like to offer some advice to parents whose children are reluctant to hit the books at home.  

Homework for students is an important factor in your child’s progress in school. In order for them to earn satisfactory marks, they must complete and turn in whatever is assigned by its due date. Practicing responsibility with homework is a tactic that does not come easy but with consistency may give children the ability to turn in each assignment on time.

Individually, children require special care when considering what plan you will have for tackling homework assignments. There may be a big load, an undetected issue, or stubbornness on their part that may make homework time difficult. Observing patterns in behavior when this comes up will give you an idea of what to do. Remember that consistency is the key.

You may want to be aware of common reasons why your child does not do their homework. Finding the right way to approach homework may first depend on your child’s attitude towards it. According to Kenneth Barish, Ph.D. with Psychology Today, problems with homework can be solved with planning and encouragement. Each child is different and experiences one or several problems with completing homework, but each has solutions. Understanding how to help your child with homework is the first key. Here are some roadblocks you might encounter as you help your kids develop effective homework habits: 

A busy schedule


To solve this problem, find a way to fit homework into their busy schedules. It’s understandable that kids and teens will have other activities outside of the classroom, but seeing that homework is important, it’s imperative to create a schedule that will include homework time.

You can start by creating a chart with all of their daily activities. Find a time that will work best for homework, and officially designate that as homework time. 

Frustration with the material


This can lead to stress and frustration. If your child does not understand the material, you should speak with their teacher. While some children may breeze through topics taught in the class, others may have a hard time understanding and be stuck as the class moves forward. Every child has their own pace, and sometimes, teachers do as well. 

Going over the book with your child may help. Repetition over topics and extra studying could give them more practice and a better knowledge of the topic they may not understand.

Another solution that may work is seeking out help from tutors. You can also be of assistance by looking up the topic or checking out a book. Discussing the issue with your child may ease their understanding and make sure that they understand the material.

Lack of focus


Their environment could be to blame. If there are distractions in the room or at certain times before homework is done, your child may not be able to focus. Constructing an environment to limit distractions and encourage focus could help.

Limit distractions around the house. Learning to focus takes time and patience and can be acquired over time. Observe what your child does that may be interfering with their studies, like amount of time watching television, using he internet, talking on the telephone. Prioritize homework and limit distractions to weekends or until after homework is complete and for a set amount of time.

Lack of motivation


Kids have things that they do not want to do. Since homework is very important and can determine their grades, then homework is a must. Discuss with your child why it matters, then create a way—through incentives or setting homework times—­to make sure your child does it when assigned.

If they are too resistant to homework or there is stress in kids when it comes up, this should be discussed with a professional.

Forgotten assignments


Some kids may complete homework or intend to do it, but somehow forget that it was even assigned! The best thing to do is to make an effort and ask everyday what homework has been given that day and what’s coming due.

If this isn’t working out, create a homework inbox/outbox.  This will account for the assignments that are coming up and that need to be turned in.

Be encouraging and uplifting if your child is experiencing trouble with homework. Remember to be observant and patient with your child. There are true reasons why homework is difficult and, with your help, your child can get on the right track! 

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