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Slumber Party Ideas for Fun After Dark!

Slumber Party Ideas for Fun After Dark!

Did your child make any new friends this summer? Whether it’s new friends from a new camp or activity, school, or in the neighborhood, inviting them over for a get-together is sure to be an exciting event for them to make new memories. Have you considered a sleepover but suddenly blanked on ideas for keeping the kids entertained after dark? Well, here are a few starting points to get your party planning gears turning!

Glow-in-the-Dark Party!

Colorful stringed lights and glow sticks will make the slumber party fun last well into the night!

If you’re looking for an idea sure to surprise your child and their friends, then a glow-in-the-dark themed sleepover party is sure to do the trick. A simple Pinterest search will bring you a plethora of ideas to make things glow, from glow stick necklaces and glowing stickers you can place on the wall to mimic the starry night sky, to glow-in-the-dark nail polish for a glowing manicure session. Keeping the young ones entertained as they talk, eat, and enjoy their night together will be of ease with the lights out and the neon turned up. Consider stringed LED lights like these popsicle lights from Big Lots ($5 a pack) along the wall of the party room for subtle lighting. They stay cool even when lit for extended periods of time and give off a decent amount of light – plus, they’re super cute!


How about a yummy s’more tower?

Who doesn’t enjoy snacking in their pajamas? S’mores are a great slumber party snack idea. A pack of graham crackers, marshmallows, Hershey’s bar of chocolate and, if you want a small open flame without gathering everyone in the kitchen, a Sterno can of jellied cooking fuel, often used for camping or a flame source for outdoor cooking, can do the trick. Parental supervision is advised if you’re going to use the Sterno can as a flame source to roast marshmallows for delicious s’more making. Relaxing in good company with melted marshmallows and chocolates and maybe a floor covered in pillows with a good movie makes for a fun night with friends.

Make Your Own Pillowcase

Check out a simple custom pillowcase how-to from Spoonful. This idea is perfect for younger children having their first sleepover!

Planning, designing, and coloring are great activities for kids to express both their personal preferences and explore their burgeoning creativity. The opportunity to make their own pillowcases at the slumber party is a fun party idea that will get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Be sure to speak with the parents of the attendees or mention on the invitation that a plain white pillowcase is a must. Provide the kids with fabric crayons and markers. Test the art supplies before the day of the party to see whether drawing designs on parchment paper or regular paper makes a difference. To set the images, flip the drawing face down onto the fabric and set the design with a heated iron. Include fun accouterments like iron-on transfers and patches or stencils to give each pillowcase it’s own unique look. It’ll be a treat for the kids to return home from the party with a souvenir to remember a great night with friends. 

Did any of our ideas strike your fancy? Do you have any sleepover party suggestions? Let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to get in on a good, old fashioned game of Truth or Dare at your child’s next slumber party!


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