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Shows and Food: 2 for 1 at Benihana in Houston

Shows and Food: 2 for 1 at Benihana in Houston

こんにちは! (Kon’nichiwa! Hello!) Are you trying to embrace the Japanese culture? Have your kids try out Hanabi Judo or Aikido! Once your kids are all tuckered out from camp, you can try going to a Japanese hibachi restaurant! 

Having grown up in Houston, I have a lot of “favorite restaurants.” I have always enjoyed going to hibachi style restaurants. Of those, my favorite is Benihana Japanese Steakhouse. There are two locations in Houston, but I frequent the downtown location on Louisiana St.  


Why is Benihana such an overwhelming favorite of mine?

It is one of the best restaurants in Houston for entertainment: Not only have their chefs perfected the teppanyaki  style of cooking (using an iron griddle), it was the first restaurant chain to bring the theatrical preparation of food to the States in 1964! This is both a performance and a food tasting experience. Benihana chefs will cook for your group right in front of you and perform cool food preparation techniques! You can watch your meat get cooked and stop them if you want your food less well-done.  Definitely ask for the chicken fried rice and onion volcano…and see what other tricks they will perform!



Benihana birthday offers: Benihana is also a wonderful set up for a birthday celebration and large groups. It’s fun to be seated around the hibachi grill with your friends cheering for the chef!  If you register to Join the Chef’s Table, they will email you a complimentary $30 Benihana Birthday Certificate! You can also enroll children 12 and under in Kabuki Kids to receive birthday specials (email or postcard for a complimentary Benihana mug)!



What you need to know:

Pros: great performance and jokes from chefs, yummy hibachi food, great ambiance for groups, birthday specials, caters to kids

Cons: busy lunches (go during dinner for full hibachi experience), downtown parking can be hard to find, sushi is not the best

Although not known for its sushi, Benihana is no doubt one of the most entertaining Japanese restaurants in the Houston area. They have multiple locations nationwide as well, so check them out and let us know what your favorite hibachi trick was!

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