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Sarah: All-Star Austin Mom

Sarah: All-Star Austin Mom

Sarah Marquez is the founder of Chungaboo, an awesome Austin company that publishes interactive and educational eBooks and apps for kids. Chungaboo’s offerings are innovative, wildly creative, and fun, and they’re all inspired by life in Austin! We think what Chungaboo does to enrich the lives of this generation of iPad-obsessed kids is powerful and important. We’re thrilled to announce that Sarah is this week’s All-Star Parent!

Here are some things you should know about Sarah, in her own words:

Who I Am

I am a work-at-home mom raising my three amazing kids, Mya (6-years-old), Teya (4-years-old) and Xavi (20 months) while co-founding Chungaboo, our children’s publishing company. I have been married 10 years to the man of my dreams and love that together with the help of a friend we have created an amazing company that we are excited to see grow every day.

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Parenting Philosophy

I believe in letting my kids think for themselves and try new things. I encourage them to make their own decisions and hope that I am building their confidence and helping them to become warm, loving and independent children.


Favorite Summer 2013 Memory

This has been a whirlwind of a summer with a few family trips and a lot of delicious lunches at Tacodeli. But I think our families favorite summer memory would have to be the Chungaboo Bookbash. In celebration of our two oldest children’s birthdays and the launch of our three books to print, we had a huge kid-friendly musical celebration at Central Market with Emmy Award Winning Biscuit Brothers and over 1,000 families in attendance. The girls could not have smiled any bigger when Dusty and Buford started singing Happy Birthday to them!


School Year Plans for Kids

During the school year, we keep busy with learning and soccer. Both girls love having their dad as their soccer coach.

Chungaboo’s Mission

Our dream with Chungaboo is to create and introduce children to educational and fun books. iBooks and apps that both the parents and kids are excited to read and learn with. To us, it’s about making classic content. It’s about creating content that won’t have kids mindlessly sitting in front of an iPad. It’s about creating content that is as unique and original as the city that inspires it. It’s about having a mechanism to create something with our family for other families.

My favorite part about running Chungaboo is the culture we have created. Our kids are at all of our meetings and are a part of everything we do. They join me at storytimes and help with the crafts afterwards, I absolutely love that they get to be a part of something that means so much to me.

More about Chungaboo

If you are in the Austin-area, we have lots of storytimes going on, come by and say hi!!! We would love to meet you. Here is a link to our Facebook page the lists our storytimes and much more: www.facebook.com/chungaboo.  You can also visit our website at www.chungaboo.com.

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  1. Beautiful family and fantastic company! Congrats on the honor Sara!

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