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Online Shopping Recommendations for Tween Girls

Online Shopping Recommendations for Tween Girls

First off, if you have a fashion-savvy tween on your hands, make sure you check out these fashion design classes and activities

Secondly, if you’re looking to save a little cash while still finding the cutest up-to-date fashions for your little diva, check out our recommendations for online shopping. In a world of “want it now,” shopping online may be a great lesson in patience and financial thriftiness to instill on your blossoming belle. Why online shopping? Because you can usually find pretty great deals! Online stores can generally get away with selling items cheaper than brick-and-mortar stores because they don’t have to merchandise their clothes in a store. Items are kept in warehouses and shipped off directly from the manufacturer. That equals big money savings for you! So, without further ado, check out our top three picks for online shopping for tweens!


Delia’s has been around for years and they continue to offer good quality merchandise at pretty low prices. While they do have brick-and-mortar stores, they started off as a catalog ordering house and then moved to the internet and eventually opened up stores. I used to shop there in my younger days and find that their fashions are still current with the latest trends and selling like crazy. Besides being affordable, they also offer free shipping. Bonus! Having personally shopped with them, I can say that their sizes do tend to run a little small so maybe it wouldn’t hurt to order a size up. Heck, you can always return your items as long as you save the receipt and don’t rip off the tags. Check out Delia’s [here].



While I’ve never had the pleasure of shopping at Justice personally, I feel that once my daughter gets a little older, it may be one of her favorite stores. They offer bright prints and fashion-forward styles that appeal to every little fashionista. Plus, they usually have some great sales going on. At the time of writing this, they are offering a 40% off store wide sale and, if you shop from their website, they automatically apply the coupon code to your cart. I love that because how many times have you had a coupon and, in a rush, forgotten to use or apply it? I know I have! Besides offering the latest fashions, they also carry school uniforms for those with children who need them. It’s a one stop shop for school clothes and after school/weekend clothes. Start shopping at Justice [here].



Let me just start by saying I LOVE H&M! If you have never had the pleasure of shopping in an H&M store, then definitely check out their website if there isn’t a store near you. I had the great pleasure of shopping in one while I was in Dallas a couple of months ago. I picked up some great Hello Kitty items for my HK obsessed daughter. The clothes are quality, and the prices are low. All of their styles are super cute and fun. Why not pick up a little something for yourself with all that cash you’ll be saving because they offer styles for the whole family! Oh, and make sure you sign up for e-mails so you can get some great deals in your inbox. Check ’em out [here].



What are your favorite online shopping picks for tween girls? Let us know in the comments section, and expect some online shopping recommendations for boys from us soon!

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