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No One Puts Baby in the Corner! – A Review of Austin Dance Camps and Classes

No One Puts Baby in the Corner! – A Review of Austin Dance Camps and Classes

Moms, did you grow up dancing? Did you dream of being a prima ballerina? Do you kind of hope your little one does too?

As a mom to a little girl, who I swear loves dance on her own, I am always looking for a good dance camp or class to enroll her in. I say that she loves dance on her own because I was a dance major throughout high school and college, so I promise that she genuinely loves to dance. That being said, I am also very picky in what schools I enroll her in, I’m always on the look out for a great teacher, but maybe not one as intense as on that certain dance show that I know we’ve all heard of!

So, if you’re an Austin or surrounding area parent, check out our review of the dance camps in your area. Oh, and if we didn’t cover a camp you think we should have mentioned, let us know in the comments below!

Let’s get started!

Spectrum Dance Studio

one direction copy

Do you have a “Directioner” in your household? I sure do! Spectrum offers a really amazing camp called One Direction Camp. Dancers get to rock out to the newest British invasion and bop along to One Direction songs. This camp is great for your kids ages 9-13, so my little girl won’t be able to attend this one for a while. But, be prepared for them to be singing 1D songs every day…as if they didn’t already.


Tapestry Dance

Tapestry dance offers a really outstanding program for kids ages 9-18. Intensives lets your dancer pick a style they really love, or maybe need to improve on, and focus on it for the week. While some classes do require a certain number of years of dance training, others do not. Kids can pick from ballet/modern, contemporary/jazz, drill team, & musical theater. This is definitely the class to check out for the serious student!


Dance Xplosion


Is your little one a triple threat? Broadway Bound Dance Camp for ages 4-6 lets your little Broadway baby learn how to sing, dance, and act in this week long course. They’ll truly learn what it means to be in a musical. At the end of camp they’ll get to show you what they’ve learned when they perform in their own “Broadway” style musical!


Galaxy Dance School

Bust A Move Breakdance copy


Have a little b-boy or b-girl at home? Tired of them spinning on their head in the living room? Then bust a move on over to Galaxy Dance School’s Breakdance Camp! Instructors will lead your 7-12 year olds through all the dance stances in hip hop as well as teach them about the importance of good diet and hydration. This 5-day camp gets your little hip hopper ready to learn a fun and high energy routine based on all the killer moves they learned!


Shirley McPhail School of Dance

camp copy

If traditional dance is more your cup of tea, why not check out the Shirley McPhail School of Dance. Owner and Director, Edwina McPhail Worley and staff, focus on teaching the traditional forms of dance in a caring and nurturing environment. They put an emphasis on developing physically and mentally, improving coordination, poise and grace. SMSD has been providing Austin quality dance education for more than 40 years.


I hope this has given you a taste of what Austin has to offer for your little mover and shaker! If not, be sure to click the links of each school name to be taken to a more comprehensive list of what they offer!

For a full list of the dance camps that Austin has to offer, head on over to our marketplace.

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