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Mason Jar Crafts: Glow Ghosts!

Mason Jar Crafts: Glow Ghosts!

For me, decorating outside is a lot easier than decorating inside, there is just more room in the yard, and I can go crazy. Inside, I like to add little Halloween touches here and there. The glow-in-the-dark jar ghosts look good on a bookshelf and are perfect for a child’s bedroom. They give off just enough light until kids fall asleep and are still cool to look at during the day.

I know spray paint is a little tricky with kids, but if you demonstrate the proper way to use it, everything should go smoothly (just put them in play clothes). The spray paint I got from Michael’s was small and easy to hold, so it was great for little hands. This craft is super easy and gives you something to do with all those extra glass jars lying around.



-jars of any shape and size (with or without lids)

-glow in the dark paint (I used spray paint that I found at Michaels, they also carry it at Home Depot)


-googly eyes

Step 1:


If you choose to make a mummy as well, you can wrap a jar in gauze. Apply a little bit of glue on the end and let it dry to the jar a bit before wrapping it. I used scissors cut a place for the eyes to go. If you just want ghosts, skip to step 2.

Step 2:

SPRAY!! In a well ventilated are. Preferably outside with newspaper down. I sprayed 2 coats, and that was enough to get some good glow coverage on the jars.

Step 3:

Let dry. The ones I made didn’t take very long to dry. Then glue the googly eyes on.


Now, everyone pile into a closet, turn the lights off, and watch them glow!!! You can place them in little hiding spots around the house for a little ambiance, or you can fill them with candy and give to teachers or friends (If you do this, paint the lid as well). Let us know what you did with your jars. I wonder how they will do outside lining a walkway?


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