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Krystal: All-Star Dallas Mom

Krystal: All-Star Dallas Mom

As a parent, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your kids is to build community. They say “it takes a village” for good reason. Parents learn so much from each other and ultimately become better parents with the help and guidance of their communities. Dallas Moms Blog was founded to help moms in the Dallas area connect with each other: to share stories, pass along recommendations, vent about the daily woes of parenting, and celebrate the joys of family life. It’s not only a place where Dallas moms can share their stories. It’s also a place where they can form meaningful relationships that impact their lives as moms.

At Camperoo, we take pride in helping kids and parents build community and make connections through awesome camps and activities. And we think what Dallas Moms Blog is doing is important. We’d like to thank the Dallas Moms Blog owner, Krystal, for providing such a valuable resource to her community by naming her our All-Star Parent of the week. Here are some things you should know about Krystal, in her own words:

Who I Am


I’ve been married to my best friend and husband, Tim, for 9 years and enjoy spending time with my sons, Mark (born March 2011), and Zachary (born January 2013). My passions are eating cheaply, traveling often, and photographing every minute of it! I blog about my parenting achievements and mishaps on my personal blog The T-Shirt Mama and spend the rest of my time managing my other owned contributor site, Dallas Moms Blog.

Parenting Philosophy


Right now with a 6 month old and 2 1/2 year old, my philosophy is “survival!” Overall, I hope that I can raise my boys in a structured, loving and supportive environment and just do the best that I can so that they’ll grow up to become strong, independent, and successful (whatever their definition of “success” will be).

Favorite Summer 2013 Memory

My favorite memory for this summer has to be our first trip to SeaWorld San Antonio as a family! My son is really into Sesame Street and it was an amazing experience to watch his eyes light up at the sight of Elmo & friends in the Bay of Play. Over a month later he still talks about how Shamu splashed him! 

Favorite Summer Camp Experience

My only memory of summer camp was when I attended a Christian camp as a Children’s Ministry Intern with the kids from our church. There’s something powerful about volunteering as a counselor and being a role model for young children.

Reason for Blogging

What I love most about blogging is the instant community it puts you in. Through blogging, I’ve made some incredible connections to people all over the world and even people within my own city who I may have never met. For the most part, there’s a general feeling of understanding and support when you become a part of the blogging world because I still don’t think a lot of the general population really understands what “blogging” is.

When I started blogging back in 2006, my goal was to just share my life with anyone who wanted to follow along. Now, I aim to help other new moms not feel so alone; both through my personal blog and Dallas Moms Blog. 

Message to Moms


I would say, no matter what your passion is…fashion, nature, cooking, politics, or even motherhood, there’s a whole world of support that awaits you if you’re ever interested in taking your hobbies or interests online. If you’re a mom specifically and are interested in developing a community of other moms both online and off, I would highly suggest visiting an established network like City Moms Blog! Tell them Krystal from Dallas sent you! 




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