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Kids’ News for Hip Parents (June 24-June 29 Edition)

Kids’ News for Hip Parents (June 24-June 29 Edition)

Want to know the latest in kids’ trends so you can stay hip to the jive? Here’s the scoop:

Monsters University was #1 at the box office this weekend: Read more…


Snapchat just launched SnapKidz, an app specifically for kids under 13 that lets them capture and edit pictures without the chatting feature.  Since older kids seem to love Snapchat because it lets them chat easily with pictures, we’re not sure how well this app will do. What do you think?


Taylor Swift tweeted a picture of herself and a friend as kids.


Matthew Morrison, who plays Mr. Schuester on Glee, is going to open performing arts high schools for kids to help promote art education. Pretty cool, huh?


Toca Boca just released a new app called Toca Builders that lets kids use fun builder avatars to create cool worlds with building blocks.


An American Girl store popped up this weekend in Columbus, Ohio, and thousands of kids and parents were there for the grand opening


Play-Doh created a pretty fun literacy app that teaches kids their ABCs and lets them make things out of digital Play-Doh.

Since summer is officially upon us, it’ll be interesting to see what trends pop up over the next few months. Be sure to share kids’ news with us as you discover it. Let’s get the conversation started about what’s going on in the world of kids!

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