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Jill: All-Star Houston Mom

Jill: All-Star Houston Mom

Our mission at Camperoo is pretty simple. We want to help you find things for your kids to do, things that will expand their minds, open their hearts, teach them about the world, and help them figure out who they want to be. Because of this, we’re always thrilled when we find parents who share a common mission. Jill Jarvis, a Houston area mom, is one of those parents. Jill runs Big Kid Small City, a blog that helps Houston parents find events and family-friendly venues to enrich their kids’ lives.

Jill is also the mom of Joe the Garbage Man, a 6-year-old entrepreneur whose business involves taking his neighbors’ trash out every week. Joe’s business model is definitely innovative and impressive considering his age. Check out this adorable video of Joe at work, and here’s what you should know about his inspiring mom, in her own words:

Who I Am


I’m an electrical engineer for a big telecommunications company and a mom to a big Jarvis family. Joe is 6, Brooke is 4 and James is almost 2. I like the first job but love the second job.  My kids and I explore Houston and blog about the adventures, along with lunch box ideas, kid book reviews, and Joe the Garbage Man stories at www.BigKidSmallCity.com

Parenting Philosophy

Every time I’ve tried to “do it all,” it’s had an ugly ending.  Now I try to give myself some slack.  I don’t do much cooking, and I don’t know where the baby books are.  I try to focus on what is important to me and not what I think a “good mom” should do each day.


Favorite Summer 2013 Memory

We toured Houston Fire Station 16, and it was a dream come true.  My kids have been visiting the Fire Station for years, but this summer they got to climb through the trucks, spray the fire hose, and tour the living quarters!

School Year Plans for Kids

The two big kids attend a Chinese Immersion school where 50% of the day is taught in Mandarin Chinese and 50% of the day is taught in English.  In addition to learning a language their parents don’t know, they will take theater and gymnastic class.

Academic Motivation Strategy for Kids

Every school day I make a fun lunch for my kids.  The rice balls, fun shaped sandwiches, and pinwheels get the kids excited to get out the door each morning. 

Reason for Blogging

BigKidSmallCity.com gives me a way to connect with other parents.  Not only do we have an online connection, but we meet in real life.  The community of Houston parents shares ideas, helps others, and provides encouragement.  BigKidSmallCity.com was created to motivate myself and to encourage other parents.

More About What I Do

My kids aren’t really big, and Houston isn’t small, but my kids FEEL big while we are exploring our big city one small piece at a time.
It is my mission to encourage parents to get out of the house, rejoin the human race, and enjoy life more than they ever thought possible. Follow the Big Kid Small City blog and Facebook page for ideas and encouragement! 


About Brett Hanley

Hi, I'm the Camperoo Blog Editor. When I'm not blogging and tweeting, I enjoy volunteering, writing poetry, and exploring Houston. Passionate about literacy and edtech, I hope to discuss digital learning opportunities with our readers. If I could time travel and go back to camp, I'd go to the Science Camps of America Air and Space Camp. You get a free trip to Jupiter at space camp, right?

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