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From Blueberry Picking to Blueberry Smoothies!

From Blueberry Picking to Blueberry Smoothies!

Every week, I spend about $12 on organic blueberries. When they’re on sale, I buy even more and freeze them to add to my morning smoothies and yogurt snacks. I love these berries because of their health benefits (they have the most antioxidants of all fruits, are low calorie, high fiber, low glycemic index, and boost immunity with iron, selenium, copper, zinc, bioflavenoid, and anthocyanin) and for their versatility and delicate flavor!


Instead of spending more money this week on blueberries, I decided to take some of my college friends to go blueberry picking! We went to Chmielewski Farms (a natural-methods blueberry farm) in Northwest Houston early (10am) on Saturday, and snatched all of the ripe berries!

How it works: we went in, grabbed a bucket, and started walking through the first few rows of blueberry bushes since they had been picked clean already. When blueberries are ripe and ready to be picked, they get a “bloom,” which is a white, powdery finish that gives blueberries a baby blue look. I had forgotten about that so the first few blueberries I picked were quite sour…then I tried a powder blue berry and never picked an unripe one again!


I love berry picking—I think it is for all ages and I love the things I can do with baskets of berries at my disposal. I go blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, and vegetable picking year round! It’s a great way for me to get fresh produce while spending some fun time exercising. Walking all around acres and acres of farms is way more exercise than I expected! If you’re in Houston, there are lots of places for you to choose your picking from. There is the Chmielewski Farms, Moorhead farms, Fruits and Such Orchard…and many more. Check out this website for pick your own farms in your area, and go enjoy a few hours of fun exercise!


Since we had so many berries, I decided to make some blueberry smoothies for my friends to help us cool down after the picking. My go-to blueberry smoothie recipe includes: some vanilla honey Greek yogurt for protein, a banana, some orange juice, and a handful of blueberries (serves 2).

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If you’ve been trying to get your kids out in the sun and away from those video games, consider blueberry picking or sending them to an adventure camp like Camp Langston!  Let us know what adventures or summer camps your kids are at this summer, and enjoy your blueberry smoothies!

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