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Experiment with Color Changing Milk!

Experiment with Color Changing Milk!

Curiosity is HUGE part of human nature, and one way to quell that is to do experiments! Your kids can have lots of fun doing experiments in science lessons and activities, and they can also try out experiments at home!

This demonstration/experiment is simple and fun and pretty to watch. The ingredients are things found in most households, and it isn’t too messy for the younger kids.

I suggest first discussing how dish soap is used and what it does (cuts grease) to get your dishes clean. Discuss what milk is and some components of it. Then ask what they think will happen when the soap mixes with the milk and food coloring. Also, you can toss in a little about how they use Dawn to save animals from oil spills. It’s a nice story and a bit relevant.

Try this experiment with your curious kid. Just gather these materials and follow the simple instruction. You can also photograph the end result and frame it or record the whole thing to show family and friends.


milk (whole or 2%)
food coloring
dish soap
cotton swap

Step 1: Pour milk into the plate (I used a small bowl). Make sure that the bottom is completely covered. Try not to let it spill over.

Supplies_Step1_ColorChangingMilk (1)

Step 2: Put 1-2 drops of each color of food coloring. You can keep them close together in the center and spread them out the way I did.


Step 3: Dip your cotton swap in the dish soap. Only cover one end in soap. It does not need to be dripping.

Step 4: Take the soapy end and dip it in the center of all the colors. Watch what happens!


Cool! Huh? Check the kids hypotheses and see who was right or close. Ask them why they think what happened happened. What do they think will happen if you use skim milk, or 1% milk, or soy milk? This is also great for a science fair project. Just make the milk the one variable and keep everything else constant.

Try this out and let us know how it goes!

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