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Doctor G: All-Star Parent of the Week!

Doctor G: All-Star Parent of the Week!

Every week, in addition to featuring awesome camps and activities around the country, we’re going to feature a mom or dad who’s doing great things in the world of parenting. This week, we’re happy to announce that Doctor G is our All-Star Parent!

Doctor G (Deborah Gilboa, MD) is a family physician, international speaker, author, mom of four, and a parenting expert on the CBS morning show, Pittsburgh Today Live. From one-minute videos on making your life easier while building kids’ character to her downloadable guides (chores at every age, boundaries for tech use and more), Doctor G makes caregiving more simple and more effective. Find her on Facebook or Twitter!

Doctor G’s parenting philosophy:

Kids need opportunities to explore the world and the tools to handle themselves well while they do! Teaching kids the skills to treat people respectfully, to approach work and play responsibly, and to be resilient when things don’t go their way? That is my job as a parent. The rest is up to them!

Her favorite summer camp experience:

Of my 6 years of overnight camper experience, one of my favorites was a 3-day canoe trip down the Wisconsin River. Just sixty soon-to-be 8th graders and a handful of early college-aged counselors, a radio, and some food! Camp gives kids amazing experiences, with the best balance of safety and freedom! 

Doctor G's kids heading off to day camp

Doctor G’s kids heading off to day camp


Doctor G's older sons and dad before the kids left for overnight camp

Doctor G’s older sons and dad before the kids left for overnight camp

Leave a comment below if you’d like to nominate someone to be featured as an All-Star Parent! And make sure you bookmark Doctor G’s website and YouTube channel. Her advice to parents is truly invaluable! Thanks, Doctor G!





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