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DIY Craft Foam and Duct Tape Pencil Case

DIY Craft Foam and Duct Tape Pencil Case

Why go out and buy run-of-the-mill pencil cases for your kids when you can make super cute ones at home? DIY pencil cases are simple to make, and they end up looking pretty snazzy. Try this simple process out at home with your crafty kids, and send them off to school next week in style! 



-1 sheet of craft foam
-duct tape
-self-adhesive velcro tabs

Step 1: Take the craft foam and fold it almost in thirds. You want one end to be a little bit smaller than the other.


Step 2: Tape the edges of one folded side to create a pouch.


Step 3: Then line the rest of the craft foam with duct tape.


Step 4: Find the center of the flap and place one piece of velcro there and another on the other side.

Pencil_Case_Finished_Product (1)

You can decorate it with more duct tape or draw on it with markers. This is one school supply you won’t have to write your name on because it’s so unique. Let us know about your experience in the comments section if you and your kids decide to try this DIY process out. And don’t forget to find cool things for your crafty kids to do on our marketplace!

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