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DIY Back-to-School Mini Tote

DIY Back-to-School Mini Tote

This is a guest post by Lacy. Lacy is a wife, mom, teacher, and dreamer, determined to live a BIG life in a simple way. She writes at Living on Love where she shares inspiration for doing just that. From great recipes and fun projects to adventures in the outdoors and experiences in parenting, Lacy believes in living a meaningful life on a daily basis. You can also find her on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.

At Camperoo, we’re dedicated to helping you find fun things for your kids to do. Make sure you check out some of the awesome classes and activities for kids on our website if you’re looking for more things for your kiddos to try out. And if you’re still looking for the perfect bag for your child to take to school, consider this mini tote brought to you by Lacy!

Can you believe that summer is over? Kiddos all over the country are shopping for school supplies, meeting their new teachers, and taking their first day of school pictures. It is officially that time of year! Just in time for new classes, library visits, and field trips, I’ve got a super cute and easy DIY mini tote that you can make with your child.

Supplies Needed:

supplies (1)

Denim tote bag (small or large is fine)
Acrylic paint
Paint brush with a skinny, round end


1. Dip the brushless end of the paint brush into the paint to stamp the polka dots onto the bag. Use a ruler to keep your dots in a straight line and an even width apart. With my medium-sized dots, I kept one inch between polka dots. The size of your dots will depend on how far apart you make them.
2.  Keep going until one side of your bag is covered in polka dots.
3. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle a little glitter on the polka dots.
4. Leave the paint to dry for an hour or so, then shake off the excess glitter. If you wish to add polka dots to the other side of the bag, go ahead and do so!
This little project will take no time at all, and your little one will be rocking some DIY back-to-school style!

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