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Debbie: Bay Area All-Star Mom

Debbie: Bay Area All-Star Mom

If you live in the Bay Area and have kids, you’re probably familiar with Frisco Kids, a blog that helps parents find kid-friendly events in and around San Francisco. At Camperoo, we think entertained kids are happy, fulfilled kids, and we take pride in helping you keep your kids entertained. That’s why we like Frisco Kids so much and think it’s such an amazing resource. We’re happy to announce that Debbie Abrams Kaplan, the mom behind Frisco Kids, is our All-Star Parent of the week!

Here are some things you should know about Debbie, in her own words:

Who I Am

I’m a journalist specializing in travel as well as health, corporate and lifestyle stories (kaplanink.com). I have two kids who are now in elementary and middle school, but I started my blog five years ago when they were much younger, and I wanted to share information on Bay Area happenings with my friends. The blog includes events but grew to also include travel outside the Bay Area, product and book reviews, and anything else that seemed to be a good topic for parents.

Parenting Philosophy

I believe in traveling often and trying new things. I want my kids to gain independence, think for themselves, learn fiscal responsibility, and be good people who are compassionate and kind to others.

Favorite Summer 2013 Memory

We traveled to Arizona this summer to visit family, and had a great time in Flagstaff watching the July 4th parade and playing with cousins. We’re taking another trip to Maine with friends, and look forward to hiking in Acadia, whale watching and kayaking.

School Year Plans for Kids

Outside of school, the kids will keep busy with horseback riding and scouts.

Reason for Blogging

I like having a forum for my writing and the information I think is important, in my voice. Though I’ve been a traditional journalist for a long time, blogging has opened up a different world to me and I continue to learn. I like to let people know about activities, events and places that they didn’t know about before.  The greatest compliment is when someone says they went to find information about something, and pulled up my site to look for it.

Other Projects

I publish several other blogs, including a sister site to Frisco Kids, called Jersey Kids on New Jersey/New York family activities and reviews. I’ve been helping my daughter with her project to raise money for an organization called Breaking the Chains through Education, which is building schools so child slaves in Ghana, Africa, can get an education instead of being sold off for slavery. You can see/purchase my daughter’s hand-made beaded jewelry on this Etsy shop.

If you’d like to connect with Debbie, check out her Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Thanks for all the work you do in the world of kids, Debbie, and thanks for being an All-Star Parent!

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