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Dance in Dallas

Dance in Dallas

Have you ever had a case of ‘happy feet’? Where every song sends a little pulse through your body and causes your limbs to move in erratic ways. It happens to me at least 5 times a day. I’m a dancing fool!

If you have a child in your house with this same wonderful ailment consider signing them up for dance classes in your area. The city of Dallas offers a lot of dance classes in all the genres for all ages, your child is bound to find the perfect beat.

Hip Hop copy

Dana’s Studio of Dance is the perfect place to start your child’s dance career. The offer classes for children as young as 2.5 years old with the TBT class (tap, ballet, tumbling). They offer classes for genre’s of dance, from ballet to hip hop to jazz and tap. They even offer a special needs hip hop class. So pop, lock and drop by Dana’s Studio of Dance and sign your child up today.



If you have a child that is more of a performer than just a dancer, consider Park Cities Dance, where they not only offer dance classes, but performance classes as well. Your child can choose from many different classes that will teach them dance, acting, signing, sword etiquette and much more that train them to be professional stage performers. Enter stage right and get your little performer signed up at Park Cities Dance for a learning experience they are sure to enjoy.


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If there is one dream that most young girls have, it is to be a cheerleader, if not head cheerleader. EC Athletics offers classes that will help your child build and improve upon the skills need to root their team to a great win. Check out the other classes they offer, there is something for everyone at EC Athletics.

I hope this helps you find what you are looking for, if not click the links find what other classes they offer. You will definitely find something for the happy feet that dance down your hallways.


None of these get your toes ‘a tappin? Check out more Dallas Dance offerings here!

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