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Create a Cute Valentines Day Class Card Inbox

Create a Cute Valentines Day Class Card Inbox

It’s that exciting time of year! This Friday, kids will share creative Valentine’s Day cards with classmates. Some will have popular cartoon characters, some will have candy attached, or some will be homemade. Whatever your kid gives or receives, it is always fun to collect and open those tiny gifts that convey friendship and appreciation.

This project will be a happy addition to the class Valentine’s Day festivities. Whether made at home or suggested for the class to make, a creative card inbox will be a nice way for kids to collect their cards and add a personal touch to the day. There are so many possibilities, so this will be a general design of the box with a cute personalized addition that everyone can make.

The best thing is there can be other additions made! Your child can draw or paint their favorite designs, add stickers of their favorite characters, cut out hearts to paste to the box, and more. There are so many possibilities here. In six simple steps, kids can make a personalized inbox for to collect and carry their Valentine’s Day cards.


What you’ll need:

Shoe box (any size)

Wrapping paper, color of choice




Exacto knife

Stickers (optional)

Name card (optional)


Let’s get started:


Step 1. Remove the top of the shoe box then measure the wrapping paper to make sure it fits. Cut out the wrapping paper, then set it aside. Repeat for the bottom part of the shoe box.


Step 2. Fold the wrapping paper around each side of the upper part of the inside of the shoe box, making sure each part will fit into place. Take a piece of tape and adhere the wrapping paper to the upper part of the inside of the box. Repeat for the top of the box. This will form the outer wrapping for each part of the box.


Step 3. With the exacto knife, form a slit in the top of the box. It should be a thin rectangle, slightly centered in the top of the box. The slot will allow for kids to put their Valentine’s Day cards into the card box.

Step 4. Cut out the name card and decide where you would like to put it. The name card used here was put onto the front because it’s the easiest location. Put glue onto the back of the name card, then paste it onto the location of your choice.


Step 5. Let the glue dry and make sure the edges are smooth.



Step 6. Place stickers onto the box. Put them any where you like! This is the best part that will allow your child to be really creative.

vdaybox (1)


Now, the product is ready! This can be put on the desk at school. Kids can bring their Valentine’s Day cards home in the box and will be able to open it later.

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