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Cool Ideas for a Fall Birthday Party for Kids

Cool Ideas for a Fall Birthday Party for Kids

Fall birthdays are very unique. Fall brings a new set of colors and flavors with it. It is a time of cooler weather and warmer tones and foods. The best fall-themed party ideas include décor, food, activities, and punch. Imagine the warm colors being the background to a memorable moment with friends. The nice weather and outdoor foliage definitely inspire many fall party ideas. 

We hope you’ve had a chance to peruse all the awesome birthday party options on Camperoo. If you’re still brainstorming ideas for your fall baby’s next party, we want to help. Luckily, finding fall party ideas can be as easy as going to your front yard, the grocery store, or to your local pumpkin patch. It can be very affordable and take little effort and still be a beautiful event. These ideas will make a fun, enjoyable, and memorable fall birthday for your little one: 

Fun: Design a Pumpkin


Fall party ideas for kids include a fun, creative, and easy activity! This activity requires no carving, so it’s very safe. Start by purchasing pumpkins and tools that are affordable yet fun. Some ideas include paint, glitter, fabric, ribbon, and  leaves. The possibilities are endless. For an example, check out this easy, budget friendly idea:

What You’ll Need:


Modge Podge

-Foam Brush

Pick your favorite pumpkin. If possible, look for a variety of color. Either have the kids find their own leaves or bring leaves for them to choose from. Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to them pumpkin, then to the back of the leaf. Place the leaf onto the pumpkin. Then apply another thin layer once it’s dry.

Punch: Apple Orchard Punch


Apples are a fun part of fall and make great drinks. Kids will love the tasty, fizzy punch. This recipe combines ingredients that are popular during the season. The sliced apple in the bowl brings the fun, festive look to the party.

What You’ll Need:

1 bottle of Apple Juice (38 fl oz)

1 can of frozen cranberry juice concentrate (12 oz)

1 cup orange juice

1 ½ liters ginger ale

1 apple

Combine apple juice, cranberry juice concentrate, and orange juice. Then, slowly add the ginger ale. Slice the apple into thin whole pieces. Set them in the punch so that they float.

Treats: Candied Pumpkin Seeds


Sticking to fall birthday party ideas for kids, pumpkin seeds are tasty and easy snacking! This fall-themed recipe is very simple and tasty. Pumpkin seeds are full of nutritional benefits and are great for snacking. Combined with spices, kids will enjoy this fall-themed treat.

What You’ll Need:

5 cups fresh pumpkin seeds

1-¼ cup packed brown sugar

2-½ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

1-¼  teaspoon salt

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Spread the ingredients into a greased, foil-lined baking pan (15-in. x 10-in. x 1-in.). Bake at 240 degrees for 45-50 minutes. Stir occasionally. Once they are cooled, break them into pieces.

Décor: Autumn Leaf Luminaries


Lighting up the evening with these leafy bags of light makes for a lovely fall evening. These are very beautiful for an evening outside and easy enough for kids to make. They can be put anywhere and are a safer alternative to candles.

What You’ll Need:

-Fallen leaves

-Colored Paper Bags

-Acrylic Paint

-2 oz misting bottle

-Battery powered candle

Collect leaves, put a teaspoon of acrylic paint in the misting bottle, then fill half way with water and shake. Arrange leaves on top of a paper treat bag.  Mist the leaves with the paint and water mixture. Let dry for 20 minutes, and then remove leaves. Turn bag over, and repeat instructions. Open the bag, then put a battery powered candle inside.



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