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Cooking With Kids – A Classic No Bake Cookie Recipe

Cooking With Kids – A Classic No Bake Cookie Recipe

Were you an 80s child? Was your favorite show Care Bears? Did you have the chance to own the Care Bears Party Cookbook? Well, if you are anything like me, the answer to all three of those questions is a resounding, YES! If you were lucky enough to remember that cookbook, I bet I can guess what your favorite recipe was. It is still one of the most coveted and sought after recipes to this day, you can still find people posting about it and seeking it out online. What is it you may ask? Why, Tenderheart Tarts!


Tenderheart Tarts were the ahh-mazing, no bake peanut butter cookie recipe with a dollop of jam in the center. EVERYBODY loves these things. I remember serving them a couple years ago at our family Christmas party. Trust me when I tell you, these things are so delish! Plus, what’s so great about them is they are 100% kid-friendly. Yes, they are a little sticky and messy, but who cares? Let your kids get messy once in a while. Really, these little cookies are great anytime, but if your wee one is looking to help prepare something for a party or get together, this is definitely the treat for them to help with!

Grab your kiddo, put on your aprons, and wash your hands! Let’s go!

Tenderheart Tarts

1 cup smooth peanut butter
1/2 cup honey
1 1/4 cups dry milk
raspberry jam (but strawberry tastes amazing with it too!)

  1.  Mix Peanut butter and honey in bowl.
  2. Add dry milk, mix (it says to use your hands) until smooth & soft
  3. Roll out portions to about the size of a “big marble,” press flat, make a thump print (approx. 30 hearts)
  4. Put jam in the middle
  5. Refrigerate for an hour or more
  6. Enjoy!

I hope you have enjoyed this blast from the past. Make sure to bookmark and share this post for others who may be seeking this no bake cookie recipe!

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