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Chicago Acting Classes for Kids

Chicago Acting Classes for Kids




Do you have a kid at home who can be a little dramatic? Want to channel that into something more positive?  Or maybe you have a kid who is shy but has a great imagination.  Either way, a performing arts camp or class would be great for your child!

Acting classes for kids can build self-esteem and confidence.  They also provide leadership and creative thinking opportunities.  If your child is shy, performing arts camps and classes will provide public speaking skills and give your child a chance to practice these skills.

Are you looking for Chicago children’s theater classes?  Here are some performing arts schools in the Chicago area that would be perfect for your aspiring actor or actress:

Provision Theater Company


It’s not too late to find an acting class at the Provision Theater Company.  They offer daily themed competitions that enhance creativity and team unity. Students learn how to get in front of an audience and put on a great show.  

 Striding Lion

striding lion

With a few weeks left of summer, Striding Lion has more sessions that you can register your child for. They offer themed camps where your child would become a creator and explore the theme through songwriting, theater games, storytelling, and dance.  


I would love to send my son to an acting class for kids so he could work on his public speaking skills.  Why would you send your son/daughter to a performance arts camp? Leave a comment below.


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