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Camp Care Package Ideas from the Heart

Camp Care Package Ideas from the Heart

One of the most important things you can do when your child is at sleepaway camp is send mail.  In fact, when your child arrives at camp there should be a letter waiting.  This helps children feel good about being away from home and lets them know you are thinking of them. Besides, getting mail is fun!  It’s especially fun when a care package arrives.  The anticipation of what is in the box as it is handed to your camper by the counselor is so exciting.  Need camp care package ideas?  I’m here to help!

Most camps do not want you to send snacks and candy.  One reason is that they aren’t good for children.  The other reason is because food can cause bugs to come into the cabins.  So, with food crossed off the list, what do you send to your sleep away camper?

Here is a list of ideas to build your own care package:



Send your child a new book from their favorite series that hasn’t been read yet.  Maybe send word searches or Sudoku puzzles for your child to do. Books give kids something to do during quiet time.   Want to get the whole bunk in on the fun?  Send a book of Mad Libs all the kids can enjoy.  There are even summer and summer camp specific ones that would be fun to fill in while away at camp.

Stationery with pencils or pens 


As a parent, you want to know what your children are doing at camp.  Are they having fun? Are they eating and sleeping? Have they made friends? To encourage them to write you letters, send some fun stationery in a care package within the first few days of camp.  Include different colored gel pens and stickers.  Don’t forget to send stamps!



I’m not talking about the electronic kind, but there is a little downtime at sleepaway camp where the kids spend time in the cabin with each other. Pick up a travel board game or a set of Uno cards and put them in the care package.  Try to find games for more than two players so several kids can play together.  I would avoid games with lots of tiny pieces because they will get lost, but sending your child a game will make time in the cabin more fun.

Something for Everyone

Sites like www.orientaltrading.com have fun crafts and toys for your camper and their new friends to play with.  Pick out something and send it to everyone.  Your little camper will love you for it!

A last minute camp care package idea:  Go with a theme.  If your daughter loves horses, send horse books, stationary with horses, and maybe a stuffed animal.  If your son loves soccer, find some soccer puzzles and games to go along with a plush soccer ball and a novel about a boy who plays soccer (check out books by author Mike Lupica).  You get the picture.  Themes are fun and your child will enjoy the effort.

Don’t have time to put together a care package yourself?  Check out sites like www.thewrinkledegg.com or www.camppacs.com to choose a personalized camp care package for your child.

It’s not too late to find a sleepaway camp for your child.  Visit our site and check out your options!

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