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Birthday Parties in Chicago

Birthday Parties in Chicago

It’s that time of year again, your child’s birthday. After so many years of planning super fun unique parties, you might be a little spent. Not to worry, Camperoo has compiled a few places that will help you make your child’s birthday super fun and unique. They all require you provide the food, drinks and cake, but they have everything else covered. With the three options below you are bound to find something that will excite your guests and keep them talking about the party for days.


If you have an artist in your family there is a great studio that host children’s painting parties. They have themes for every kid, some of my favorite are Land of Dinosaur, Magical Mermaid, Superhero, and Big Top Circus, but they have many more. The parties are for all ages and they have two packages to suit the size of your party. Included in the packages are 1.5 hours of planned art activities for any party up to 2 hours long, basic party decorations and they do the set up and clean up. Parents should provide the food, cake and drinks and if you want a specific decorating theme, bring those things with you. Chicago Art & Design Center will take care of everything else. For more information or to see what other party options they have, check out their page on the Camperoo website.


For your fashionista at home, there is a place where they can design their own jewelry with their friends. Girlie Girl Bead Parties will come to your home or venue and instruct your daughter and her friends in making a beautiful piece of jewelry. Jane, the owner, is a teacher, super nanny and excellent story teller, all you have to do is choose a venue, decorate order the cake and Jane will handle the rest. Each attendee will make one necklace, with in 60 minutes, that they can take home. For children as young as 6 you can choose from themes such as Spring Thing, Little Critters, Natural Beauty, Flower Power, Dotty, Queen of Hearts, Little Princess and Fabulous Femo. For descriptions on each of these themes, visit the Girlie Girl Bead Parties page on the Camperoo website.


Maybe your child isn’t interested in any of those options. Maybe your child loves technology. Log on 2 Learning hosts your child’s party with a hands on computer game starring the birthday kid. They host a 30 minute guided class  and 30 minutes of structured activities and games. In addition to all this fun, each child will receive a computer detectives badge and fun packets, they also provide putter bug decorations. Here’s a little secret, these activities teach keyboarding, tech trends and academic skills, a lot of learning wrapped up in a whole lot of fun. The Log on 2 Learning studio is located in Vernon Hills, IL. Get more information from their page on the Camperoo website.


With these options, birthday party planning will be a breeze, just a couple phone calls and a trip or two to the store and you’re done. No need to stress about how to keep the kids entertained, just make a phone to one of these awesome places, get the cake, snacks and drinks, dust off your hands and relax. You are done.

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