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Beat the Heat: Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Summer

Beat the Heat: Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Summer

Where I live in Texas, only one word can accurately describe summer: hot. From May to September, having an outdoor birthday party can put any parent’s birthday planning to the test. I scoured the web this week for fun and simple birthday party ideas to keep your summer baby cool and smiling, and here’s what I found:

Water ballon

A refreshing birthday party activity to cool the kids.















Piñatas are always an attention grabber when it comes to birthday party fun. They’re usually brimming with an assortment of treats sure to make any kid smile. If you’re planning a water-themed shindig for your little one, or looking for fun ways to get them outside and smiling, here is a fun twist on the traditional piñata.

What you’ll need:

pack of balloons


small plastic funnel

cotton string

and a plastic bat

The more water a balloon has, the easier it will bust. Be sure to mix it up for any older kids who may be quicker with the bat or have a height advantage. Once you fill up a good amount of balloons, secure them to a sturdy rope or string and hang them. Keep in mind that the fun of hitting the piñata is the challenge, so either hang them slightly out of reach, or leave enough slack in the rope for you to taunt the batter.



Fruit popsicles

Sneak in some fruit with this simple frozen treat!


Birthday parties are usually chock full of sweets, from the birthday cake to the goodie bags. Some kids love fruit as is and others, well, they need a little coaxing. Ever thought of switching up your presentation? I’m sure you have. Here’s an idea sure to get your little one asking for more!

What you’ll need:

thinly sliced fruit (keep in mind your little one’s favorites, and maybe mix in some new ones )

popsicle molds (try these)

Capri Sun, Kool-Aid, or their favorite punch or juice

Once you fill the popsicle mold half-way with liquid, drop in a few slices of fruit, and then top it off with a bit more liquid if necessary. Freeze your molds the night before the party, or that morning (we know how it is). Then, finally, smile in victory as the children devour your frozen, fruity creations and take a break from the summer fun!



Blue, green, yellow, and red ice cubes, how cool!

Different flavored ice cubes will change the flavor and the color of the soda!

















Kids love a colorful twist to the mundane. Try adding some pizzazz to a boring drink with Kool-Aid ice cubes.

What you’ll need:

handful of Kool-Aid packets (try 4 or 5 different flavors to add more color)


Sprite or 7Up

ice cube tray

After mixing your packets of Kool-Aid, pour the desired amount of each color into the ice cube tray. Keep the clear soda chilled to extend the life of your colorful ice cubes once you pull them out of the tray and plop them into the kids’ drinks. This unique and simple drink idea will keep the little ones cool and smiling. They can compare the taste and changing color of their soda as the Kool-Aid cubes melt.



Rainbow popsicles!

You can serve the rainbow slush in a bowl or create individual rainbow popsicles!



















There’s nothing better than flavored ice on a hot summer day. For your summer baby’s party, try this easy to make rainbow slush idea to keep the kids cool during all the birthday fun.

What you’ll need:

freeze pops!

fork (to break down the ice)

small bowl

trifle bowl

Arrange your freeze pops by color, placing the similar colors like yellow and green next to each other to create a subtle gradient between layers. I prefer purple at the bottom, followed by blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Crush up the iced pops in your small bowl and then place each layer into the larger trifle bowl. Here is the important part: place the trifle bowl in the freezer after each layer is made to prevent melting. When the slush melts the colors will run together, freezing between layers will insure that each color is seen clearly. Once your layering is complete, keep the bowl in the freezer and set it out a good 15 minutes before serving. The kids will need a break between birthday activities and this is sure to cool them off!


Ice Chalk

Cold in your hands and draws like chalk, the kiddos can mix colors and finger paint once it begins to melt!
















Are you feeling the pressure to find an exciting, sensory party activity sure to get all the kids talking, drawing, painting and splashing around once they’re ready (or you’re ready) to wash off? Have you heard of popsicle chalk? It’s awesome! Instead of buying a bucket of sidewalk chalk, here’s a breakdown of how to make the most basic frozen chalk.

What you’ll need:

half water

half cornstarch

washable paint (or food coloring, but beware, it might be a bit tougher to wash off)

dish soap (for swifter clean up)

ice cube trays (keep an eye out for trays with different shapes!)

Pour the chalk mixture into the ice cube molds and freeze it. Once you’re ready to get the birthday activities started, pop out the molds and let the kids draw, mix colors, and finger paint. This is a great activity to get the little ones’ creative juices flowing! Be sure to suggest an extra set of clothes for attendees, or maybe even a bathing suit, since the cleanup will likely involve a hose down!


Are you looking forward to trying any of our birthday party suggestions? Or do you have a unique activity of your own? Let us know! Share your fun birthday party ideas with us in the comments section or send them (be sure to include pictures!) to paloma@camperoo.com and they might be featured in a future post!

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