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Austin Music Camps for Kids

Austin Music Camps for Kids

Finding things to do in Austin for kids can be difficult. Luckily, Camperoo lists many activities for kids on their convenient, informative market place. There are many kids’ lessons, classes and camps listed, like programs for music. Music is a popular and beneficial activity for children to participate in. Some of the best camps can be found on the market place. I can give a brief description, but feel free to learn more on the website.

Finding a great Austin school of music for your child can ensure they learn according to their interests and personal needs. Private lessons, group lessons, and even rock lessons are offered through the Camperoo market place.


Ukulele Lessons and Camps


This is a fun, interesting camp where kids sing as they play the ukulele. Students of this camp are taught by a state certified instructor and learn the important elements of music. It’s the perfect place for children to make friends and learn about Hawaiian music.

The class levels range from beginners to experienced are for kids, tweens and teens. There are offerings in the fall and summer.  You can choose whichever music lessons are right for your child, whether they be private or group lessons.



Dolce Music Studio


This is the camp for those who are passionate about music. There are various forms of music taught here, which include rock, jazz, and classical. Students have the opportunity to learn vocal, brass, woodwind, or percussion.

Founded by the musically talented and passionate Brenda Bedell, Dolce Music Studio is a place where kids will have fun as they learn. The camp is open to all skill levels and is offered year round. The skills built at this camp can lead children and teens on the path to a career or possibility for performance.



Orpheus Academy of Music


This is a fun, energetic orchestra focused school for kids and tweens. Here, students learn voice and instruments and participate in immersive music programs. The summer music program is offered to all skill levels.

The camp is student centered, and focused on providing the best musical experience. Kids will not only gain skills, but also build friendship and knowledge of various types of music.

Learning music has so many benefits and these camps are surely fun and set to give a great experience. 

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