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A Few Yoga Poses for Kids

A Few Yoga Poses for Kids

When considering a fitness routine for their children, some parents may not see yoga as an option. However, there are organizations, like Yoga for Youth, that bring yoga and children together. Tweens specifically can benefit a lot from yoga, both physically and emotionally. Because of this, we’d like to share some fun, easy yoga poses tweens can try out at home. 

Practicing yoga will improve many aspects of your child’s life. It brings together the mind and the body, combining physical and mental components to help with control, posture, and balance. According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, the benefits of yoga for kids are physical, mental, and emotional. Students that practiced yoga improved in mood and also in the classroom.

Here are a few yoga poses for tweens­­–called asanas–that will help with relaxation. Before practicing, talk with your doctor to be sure your kids won’t have any problems doing yoga. These poses are meant for children who are around 10-12, but younger kids can definitely try them out as well. 

As your kiddos move through the poses, be sure to encourage them to focus on their breathing—called pranayama—and change each pose on the inhale. 

Mountain pose (Tadasana)

Stand tall at the end of mat with feet together, and then raise hands upward with palms facing each other.


Downward facing dog pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Begin on all fours. Plant hands into mat. Press hips backwards then up until you make an upside down V.


Tree pose (Vrkasana)

Begin with arms at side. Place leg on the opposite thigh. Find your balance, then raise hands to front of chest with palms together. Finally raise your hands above your head, keeping hands facing each other.

Yoga poses series. Tree Pose. Vrikshasana.

Cat (Marjaryasana) and Cow (Bitilasana)

Start on all fours with body flat, then round your spine upward. Then, starting from Marjaryasana on all fours go back to relaxed, natural position, then lift chest upward.

cat and cow poses

Childpose (Balasana)

On all fours, push your hips back, your hands stretched out in front of you.


If your kids try out any of these poses, let us know about their experiences in the comments section! And don’t forget to explore fitness opportunities on Camperoo!

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