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6 Reasons Your Kids Should Dance

6 Reasons Your Kids Should Dance

If you’re still searching for an after-school activity, have you thought about enrolling your child in a dance class? We have plenty of dance classes on our site and would love to help you find one. Deciding which activities are right for your kids isn’t always easy. If you’re not totally sold on dance as the perfect match, consider these six benefits of dancing:

1.  Time spent on the dance floor makes your kids happier.


Research suggests dancing reduces stress and increases serotonin levels in the brain. Any time your kids exercise, their bodies release endorphins. Endorphins relax them and often create a greater sense of well-being.

2. Dancing is good for their bodies.


It helps with their posture. It improves their balance skills. All forms of dance get your kids moving, which means they get all the benefits of cardio exercise: lowered blood pressure, reduced risk of diabetes, and calories burned.

3. Every dance routine is an opportunity for self-expression.


Technique is a big part of dance practice and performances, but there’s always opportunity for children to take creative license as they dance. There’s always a chance for their passion to shine through. Kids who haven’t quite come out of their shells yet socially often flourish in dance class because they’re able to express themselves non-verbally.  

4. Children who dance are smarter.


Studies show that dance improves cognitive performance. Dancing also increases kids’ awareness of rhythm and understanding of music. It teaches them new skills and expands their minds.

5. Dance increases social awareness.


Children who dance in class together learn from each other. They work together to perfect their performances. They watch each other perform and pick up new techniques. Any opportunity children have to learn and grow with other children is a good thing.

6. Self-discipline is a big part of being a dancer.

Self-discipline is something that’s often slowly developed during childhood. Activities like dancing speed up the development. Kids have to commit themselves to focusing and pushing themselves when they dance. They have to practice, learn from their mistakes, and set goals.

Do your kids dance? How do you think it’s improved their lives? Let us know in the comments section!

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