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5 Reasons for Kids to Play Chess

5 Reasons for Kids to Play Chess

Do your kids love strategy games? If they do, there’s a good chance they’ll love chess. There are a bunch of chess classes, camps, and programs on our marketplace. As you’re browsing through the chess for kids options, you may still feel on the fence about whether the game is right for your little ones. Here are some benefits of chess to consider:

1. It raises their IQs.


Chess is known for being a smart kids’ game for good reason. Studies show that just a few months of playing it can raise kids’ IQ scores pretty dramatically.

2. It exercises the brain.


Chess requires players to use both sides of the brain. It exercises regions of the brain that deal with problem-solving, strategy, creativity, memory, and concentration. Playing chess can be quite the mental workout!

3. It teaches patience.


There’s very little instant gratification in chess. The game takes patience and dedication to win. It also takes patience and dedication to develop the skills necessary to win against advanced players.  

4. It’s cool.


Chess hasn’t always had much street cred, but its image is evolving. The rock star, Sting, and Larry Johnson of the New York Knicks both recently talked about how much they loved playing it in interviews. Plus, the game of chess has an interesting vintage appeal for a generation of kids who are used to playing electronic games.   

5. It’s fun!

Shouting out check mate and outsmarting your opponent is fun. Chess has remained one of the world’s most popular games for thousands of years because playing it can be a blast!

Do you want your kids to learn about pawns and rooks? Let us know in the comments section!

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