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5 Reasons for Kids to Learn a New Language

5 Reasons for Kids to Learn a New Language

We’re pretty proud of our selection of language camps, classes, and lessons. If your kids are interested in picking up some skills in another language, we definitely recommend you check them out. If you’re still not sold on why your kid could benefit from learning a new language, here are some perks to consider:

1. The time is right.

Studies show that the younger someone is, the easier it is for them to learn a new language.  After age seven, language acquisition becomes steadily more difficult as we age. Kids’ brains are like sponges. They’re wired to learn new things and are a lot more receptive to new concepts than grownups’ brains are.

2. Knowing another language makes you smarter.

Bilingual kids are smarter. Science indicates that they’re better at successfully completing mental puzzles, planning, carrying out mentally challenging tasks, and solving problems.

3. Being bilingual sets kids up for success.

Research suggests bilingual adults have more job opportunities than their monolingual peers. Today’s bilingual kids will definitely have an edge when they’re older if the business world continues to become increasingly globalized.

4. Learning a new language improves communication skills.

People used to think that being bilingual caused kids to have problems mastering one language completely. Research now proves that this isn’t the case at all. Knowing more than one language can actually improve your kid’s communication skills. The more words kids know in any languages, the better they’re able to express themselves.

5. Language classes and lessons increase cultural awareness.

As kids learn a new language, they also learn a bit about the way a new culture views the world. Kids with increased cultural awareness have an expanded worldview that makes it easier for them to accept people’s differences and thrive in situations that require emotional intelligence.

Are your kids bilingual, or do you want them to learn a new language? What do you think the benefits of second language acquisition are? Let us know in the comments section!

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