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30 Day Photography Challenge for Parents

30 Day Photography Challenge for Parents

As parents, we all know that photos of our kids are priceless. In a day and age where we keep most of our pictures on our phones and tablets, having some unique photos to show off can be especially fun and fulfilling, especially if you took them yourself. Now, even though I am a photographer, I am guilty of not taking some of the more creative photos of my daughter because photographing kids can be tough!

So, I created the 30 Day Photography Challenge list. This challenge will get you to think creatively about how to shoot some imaginative photos of your kiddos. While most of the ideas listed are easily snapped from a phone or tablet, some might be better suited with a point and shoot or DSLR camera. Feel free to change days up, they don’t necessarily have to go in the order listed, but try to snap most of them without changing the “idea” too much. Now grab your camera and start shooting! Oh, and when you’re done, show us some of your pics and tell us what you thought about the challenge! If you need photography tips, techniques, or need a reference on how to take portraits, head on over to our post on how to photograph your kids [here], and if you want your kids to try out photography, check out these photography classes!


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