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3 Awesome Martial Arts Classes in Austin

3 Awesome Martial Arts Classes in Austin

After a long day of sitting in a classroom and getting information shoved in their brains, kids need a space where they can let loose. What better way to make that happen than to get them into an after school program that gets their bodies moving. Martial arts is a great activity that teaches discipline and focus, each a skill that will help in the classroom.


Power Ninjas, at Life Ki-do Academy, is for your 5-7 year old that is looking to break into the martial arts world. This class uses wrestling techniques and Brazilian JiuJitsu (how cool) to build communication and movement skills. The specific martial arts movements they will learn, develop focus and self-regulation. Check out more and sign up on their Camperoo page.


The Children’s Aikido Program at Aikido of Austin will teach your child to not fight but to use wrist locks and arm pins and throws to defend themselves against a potential attack. This class is ideal for any child no matter their size as it is not the size and strength that the will use but the techniques. Visit their Camperoo page and decide if this is the best fit for your child.


Austin Kenpo Karate combines meditation, yoga, resistance training and other techniques to help your child build self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and a few other great skills. They are an after school program that also provides transportation from the schools to the North Lamar studio. Check their Camperoo page to see if they come to your child’s school.


These are just a few of the classes offered through the Camperoo website. Sit down with your child and see which classes interest them and what work best for your families busy schedule. Martial arts in real life is so much better than martial arts from a video game, and healthier too!

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